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A community committed to making virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (XR) accessible to people with disabilities

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Groundbreaking XR and accessibility research happening across the XR Access research network.

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Working Groups

Latest updates on Working Groups’ efforts to inform the design, development, and production of accessible XR.

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Events happening in the XR accessibility space in 2020/21.

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Resources representing a sample of accessible XR projects, including the XR Access 2019 Symposium report.

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2020 XR Access Symposium

At the 2020 XR Access Symposium, we reviewed the community’s progress over the past year, highlighted the latest advancements in XR accessibility research and implementation, and took concrete steps toward a more accessible future. Visit our Symposium page to learn more about the event.

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2020 Symposium Report Now Available!

The 2020 XR Access Symposium Report is now available! Read the report for a recap of the 2020 Symposium, including summaries from each plenary conversation, research talk, and the exploratory VR experience, as well as details from breakout session discussion held at the event.

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Featured Resource

Accessible Virtual Conferences

UX designer and XR Access App Accessibility Working Group lead Dylan Fox outlines the components of the tech stack for virtual conferences, and describes how to make these events more accessible. Read more >

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