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A community committed to making virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (XR) accessible to people with disabilities

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Research Network

Groundbreaking XR and accessibility research happening across the XR Access Research Network.

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XR Access Projects are community- and volunteer-led efforts to inform the design, development, and production of accessible XR.

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Resources representing a sample of accessible XR projects, including the XR Access Symposium Reports

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2024 XR Access Symposium:
Call for Presentations Open!

Our 2024 XR Access Symposium will be June 6-7, in New York City! With a theme of “Insights from XR Assistive Technology,” we’re looking for the best presentations, posters, and demos focused on making XR technologies accessible.

2024 XR Access Symposium: Insights from XR Assistive Technology

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XR Accessibility Project, a one-stop resource of accessible solutions for developers working in XR. xra.org/GitHub. XR Association and XR Access.

XR Accessibility GitHub

XR Access has partnered with the XR Association to create a central repository of accessibility solutions for developers working in XR. This GitHub is a free asset for software developers working on applications for AR, VR and MR to find resources and code snippets that support the use of XR technology by people with disabilities. The site is designed around the platforms on which developers write code such as Unity, WebXR, and ARCore. In addition to code snippets, the GitHub repository includes tutorials and links to other resources and best practices. Read more >