March 23, 2022

Hackathons are a fantastic opportunity to explore new technologies. Immersive technologies like virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (collectively eXtended Reality or XR) are no exception; the ability to immerse a user in a new environment or bring data right to a user’s eyes and fingertips have excited imaginations for years.

This workshop presented at the 2022 MIT Reality Hacks event shows you how to incorporate accessibility into a hackathon prototype.

Workshop Speakers:

  • Dylan Fox, Coordination & Engagement Team Lead, XR Access
  • Ren Tyler, idXR Workstream Lead, XR Access
  • Myles de Bastion, Artistic Director & Accessibility Experience Designer, CymaSpace
  • Roland Dubois, adXR Workstream Lead, XR Access

Check out A Hacker’s Guide to XR Accessibility: