We’d love to have you involved in XR Access!

XR Access invites Universities, research institutes, advocacy organizations, and nonprofits in the field of XR Accessibility to join us as Initiative Members.

The XR Access Initiative is dedicated to ensuring that XR platforms, infrastructure, and content are accessible to people with disabilities. The Initiative is a community that engages, connects, and influences the field of XR, in order to build and share knowledge, skills, tools, user experiences, and leading practices to make XR more inclusive.

Our flagship event, the annual XR Access Symposium, has already brought hundreds of like-minded accessibility champions together to plan a more accessible future. Our three Workstreams are actively planning projects that will impact accessible technology. However, no truly inclusive impact is possible without the participation of nonprofit and research organizations in the accessible XR space.

With your help we’ll establish reach users and creators of all abilities, advance basic and applied research in accessible technologies, provide developer and designer education, map standards and best practices, and engage in outreach activities to create lasting change.

Membership Benefits

Nonprofit organizations are invited to join the XR Access Initiative as members at no charge. Your membership brings you closer to XR Access’s workstreams, researchers, and dedicated users, not to mention our industry and corporate partners.

XR Access members receive the opportunity to vote on projects that apply for Initiative funding. Potential future projects include:

  • XR for employment: Partnering with companies, nonprofits, and the Department of Labor to increase the number of people with disabilities employed in XR-related fields, via promoting training, inclusive apprenticeships, and mentoring.
  • User testing panels: Increase input of people with disabilities in XR development by facilitating participation in user testing panels and otherwise connecting users with developers.
  • Prototype program: Work with researchers, developers, designers, and standards bodies to develop prototypes and proof of concept tools for accessible XR.
  • Workshop development: Develop workshops, curricula, and educational materials to promote business cases for accessible XR, increase developer and designer know-how, and more.
  • Accelerator programs: Support emerging accessible technologies, tools, and research projects at critical stages
  • Academic Research: The XR Access Research Network will connect scholars and practitioners via events, knowledge sharing, and funding, facilitating both basic and applied research in accessible XR.

Members receive benefits such as:

  • Early access to project and research results, as well as to educational materials, workshops, and curricula developed by the Initiative.
  • Certain licensed rights to intellectual property resulting from Initiative projects.
  • Opportunities for collaboration with University members of the Initiative, including researchers and students.
  • Deeper involvement with the Initiative’s Workstreams.
  • Recognition of their commitment to XR accessibility via acknowledgement in XR Access communications.

Learn More

To get started with the membership process or if you have questions, please contact us at info@xraccess.org.

The XR Access Initiative is based at Cornell Tech in New York City. Its fiscal sponsor, Cornell University, is a private nonprofit institution of higher education.