XR Access:
Safe Community

person icon in 3D axis

The XR Access Initiative is a growing community with more than 100 diverse, cross-sector participants including leaders and members representing advocacy communities, industry, and academia.

Our members are committed to creating a safe and collaborative environment that fosters intersectionality, inclusivity, and embraces diversity. We value and encourage diverse perspectives in our efforts to make XR accessible to all.

Our members have pledged to respect the viewpoints of others and work together to resolve disagreements and misunderstandings if they occur. In situations where a member’s action disrupts the safety of others and/or the progress of the XR Access Initiative, we may ask a member to step down.

We adhere to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct laid out by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and ask that members adhere to this code as well.

If you have feedback, issues, or concerns, please contact us at info@xraccess.org.