Welcome to the 2021 XR Access Symposium

June 10, 2021 | Virtual Event

At the 2021 XR Access Symposium, we celebrated another year of progress toward a more inclusive future.

About the Symposium

Keynote: Seizing the Moment

Chike Aguh, Chief Innovation Officer, U.S. Department of Labor

2021 XR Access Symposium Transcript – Chike Aguh Keynote

XR Access Rebooted

Dylan Fox, Coordination and Engagement Team Leader, XR Access

Jessie Taft, Research Initiative Coordinator, XR Access/Cornell Tech

2021 XR Access Symposium Transcript – XR Access Rebooted

Plenary: Designing for Equity

Christine Hemphill, Managing Director, Open Inclusion

Johan Verstraete, Inclusive Design Management Principal, Thinklusive

Regine Gilbert, Industry Assistant Professor, NYU

Molly Bloom, Inclusive Design Researcher, Adobe

James O’Loughlin, User Experience Designer for Virtual & Augmented Reality, Independent

2021 XR Access Symposium Transcript – Inclusive Design for XR

Special Guest Remarks: Global Accessibility Awareness for XR

Joe Devon, Co-Founder, Diamond and Co-Founder, Global Accessibility Awareness Day

2021 XR Access Symposium Transcript – Joe Devon GAAD

Plenary: Building for All

Ashley Coffey, Director of Technology & Integration, XALTER

Andrew Eiche, COOwl and Cable Slinger, Owlchemy

Mari Kyle, Game Producer, Facebook Oculus

Roland Dubois, Adjunct Faculty Teacher for Immersive Design, A-Frame & WebXR NYC

Sophia Moshsasha, VP, Washington DC Chapter, VR/AR Association

2021 XR Access Symposium Transcript – Accessible Development

Plenary: Realizing Inclusive Value

Elizabeth Hyman, President & CEO, XR Association

Shane Kanady, Senior Fellow, G3ict

George Karalis, Group Product Manager, Strivr

Deb Mayers, Software Engineer

2021 XR Access Symposium Transcript – Business Cases for Inclusive XR

Research in Accessible XR

Shiri Azenkot, Associate Professor, Cornell Tech

Martez Mott, Senior Researcher, Ability Group, Microsoft Research

Amy Pavel, Postdoctoral Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University

Kyle Rector, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of Iowa

2021 XR Access Symposium Transcript – Research in Accessible XR

A Greater Purpose: Diverse Talent Pipeline

Neil Milliken, Global Head of Accessibility, Atos

Josh Christianson, Project Director, Partnership on Inclusive Apprenticeships

Nina Salomons, Founder, XR Diversity Initiative

Christopher Lafayette, Founder, Black Technology Mentor Program

Andreas Forsland, CEO & Founder at Cognixion, Brainiac Council

2021 XR Access Symposium Transcript – Creating a Diverse Talent Pipeline

About the 3rd XR Access Symposium

In 2020, XR Access grew with a new strategy, new Work Streams, and new ways to connect. At our 2021 Symposium, we’re excited to present the work of our members, as well as big ideas for the future of XR accessibility.

The 3rd XR Access Symposium will feature a keynote talk and plenary panels on building accessible technologies, creating an inclusive XR ecosystem, ensuring diverse talent pipelines, and more.

Stay tuned for more about our 2021 program!

Where We’ve Been

At the first XR Access Symposium, in 2019, over 120 technologists, advocates, researchers, and industry leaders gathered for talks, demos, and working group sessions that generated actionable plans for making XR more accessible.

Despite 2020’s unprecedented challenges and opportunities, our mission remains the same: to ensure that as XR technologies become more pervasive in our work, school, and social lives, they’ll be designed and developed to be accessible by and for people with disabilities.

Stay Connected

Stay in the loop during the Symposium with the #XRAccess and #XRAccess2021 hashtags on Twitter. If you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email with a link to join the Symposium Slack channel, where you can connect directly with other Symposium attendees.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also stay in touch with us after the Symposium by signing up for our newsletter.

2021 Keynote Speaker

Photo of Chike Aguh

Chike Aguh

Chief Innovation Officer, United States Department of Labor

Distinguished Keynote: “Seizing the Moment: Immersive, Inclusive, and Equitable Innovation”

+ About Chike

Presenters & Organizers

Larry Goldberg

Larry Goldberg

Senior Director & Head of Accessibility, Verizon Media

+ About Larry
Shiri Azenkot

Shiri Azenkot

Associate Professor, Cornell Tech

+ About Shiri
Bill Curtis-Davidson

Bill Curtis-Davidson

Co-Director & Senior Accessibility Consultant, PEAT

+ About Bill
Joe Devon

Joe Devon

Co-Founder, Diamond / Global Accessibility Awareness Day

+ About Joe
Dylan Fox

Dylan Fox

Coordination & Engagement Team Lead, XR Access

+ About Dylan

Plenary Discussions

Designing for Equity

Christine Hemphill

Christine Hemphill, Moderator


+ About Christine
Molly Bloom

Molly Bloom


+ About Molly
Regine Gilbert

Regine Gilbert


+ About Regine
James O'Loughlin

James O’Loughlin

User Experience Designer

+ About James
Johan Verstrate

Johan Verstraete


+ About Johan

Building for All

Ashley Coffey

Ashley Coffey, Moderator

Director of Technology & Integration, XALTER

+ About Ashley
Roland Dubois

Roland Dubois

Faculty, School of Visual Arts

+ About Roland
Andrew Eiche

Andrew Eiche

COOwl and Cable Slinger, Owlchemy Labs

+ About Andrew
Sophia Moshasha

Sophia Moshasha

VP, Washington DC Chapter, AR/VR Association

+ About Sophia
Mari Kyle

Mari Kyle

Game Producer, Facebook Oculus

+ About Mari

Realizing Inclusive Value

Liz Hyman

Elizabeth Hyman, Moderator

President & CEO, XR Association

+ About Elizabeth
Shane Kanady

Shane Kanady

Senior Fellow, G3ict

+ About Shane
George Karalis

George Karalis

Group Product Manager, Strivr

+ About George
Deb Mayers

Deb Mayers

Software Engineer

+ About Deb

Research in Accessible XR

Shiri Azenkot

Shiri Azenkot, Moderator

Associate Professor, Cornell Tech

+ About Shiri
Martez Mott

Martez Mott

Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research Ability Team

+ About Martez
Amy Pavel

Amy Pavel

Postdoctoral Researcher, Carnegie Mellon University

+ About Amy
Kyle Rector

Kyle Rector

Assistant Professor, University of Iowa

+ About Kyle

Building a Diverse Talent Pipeline

Neil Milliken

Neil Milliken, Moderator

Global Head of Accessibility, ATOS

+ About Neil
Josh Christiansen

Josh Christianson

Project Director, Partnership on Inclusive Apprenticeship

+ About Josh
Andreas Forsland

Andreas Forsland

CEO & Founder, Cognixion

+ About Andreas
Christopher Lafayette

Christopher Lafayette

Founder, Black Technology Mentorship Program

+ About Christopher
Nina Salomons

Nina Salomons

Founder, Mindbubble Ltd / XR Diversity Initiative

+ About Nina


The 2021 XR Access Symposium is made possible by these supporters.

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Accessibility accommodations for the XR Access Symposium are generously supported by Oculus from Facebook.

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