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The Inclusive Design for XR Workstream engages the community in learning and developing leading practices for inclusive design.

About idXR

Workstreams are where XR Access happens.

Our three workstreams catalyze shared and sustained action around particular focus areas. In the idXR workstream, we’re working to understand what accessibility means, and creating best practices for designing accessible technologies.

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Workstream Leaders

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Frances Baum

Frances is a UX expert and accessibility advocate.

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Ren Tyler

Accessibility-focused designer of immersive and non-immersive digital products

Ren Tyler is an accessibility-focused digital product designer on a mission to make sure that digital products don’t suck for people with disabilities. Everyone deserves efficiency, effectiveness, and enjoyment.

As part of XR Access –– which is committed to making augmented (AR), mixed (MR), and virtual (VR) reality accessible to people with disabilities –– she strives for everyone to be able to enjoy the awesomeness of a non-sucky immersive world. After all, extended reality (XR) should extend to all people.

Wielding her incisive UX blade and trusty UI shield, and delivered by her steadfast QA steed, Ren champions the marginalized while still placating the two-headed beast that is business requirements and technical constraints. Perhaps her greatest asset, though, is a keen, interdisciplinary, and cross-pollinating mind. The connections she sees and correlations she makes leave most folk wondering, “What manner of sorcery is responsible for such a badass solution?”

What’s not a mystery is Ren’s love of movies so awful that they’re awesome, 1980s style remixes of songs not from the 1980s, and –– most importantly –– designers, developers, and business leaders who remove the barriers that hinder people with disabilities from having great experiences when using digital products.

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What We’re Working On

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