Prototype for the People

Supporting the development of open-source accessible XR code.

What is Prototype for the People?

“Prototype for the People” aims to fix the lack of accessible open-source solutions for XR by creating a grassroots campaign to accelerate open-source development and prototyping. Developers should not have to reinvent the wheel to create accessible XR applications!


  1. Encourage developers to create open-source prototypes showcasing how virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (XR) software can be more accessible for people with disabilities.
  2. Create a library of open-source code that developers can draw from to facilitate making new XR projects more accessible.
  3. Give feedback and suggestions to platform owners about how their platforms can be made more accessible, up to and including new code.

How Does It Work?

  1. Call – XR Access will put out a call for accessible prototypes with our partners in industry, academia, and elsewhere.
  2. Development – Developers will create prototypes, facilitated by feedback from XR Access’ Accessible Development of XR (ADXR) work stream.
  3. Propagation – Successful prototypes are added to the XR Access Github for other creators to reference and shared with platform owners. XR Access may spotlight prototypes and feature their creators in Speaker Series.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone is welcome to participate! That said, our initial efforts will focus on developers who don’t already have firm projects in mind: namely, groups like bootcamp and university students, hackathon participants, and hobbyists.

In addition to developers, we also need involvement from people with disabilities and others who are willing to test out prototypes and give feedback to developers.

If you’re interested, you can join the ADXR Workstream or post to the #ad-xr-development channel on the XR Access Slack.

Join the ADXR Workstream

Project Suggestions & Resources

Do you have a suggestion for a project or resources developers can use to create prototypes? Let us know at! We’ll soon be populating this page with your ideas.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our XR Access GitHub for our current list of guidelines on accessible XR.